Tax & VAT loans

This is a specific form of Short Term Loan funding.

We are able to source funding for current Corporation Tax liabilities over a 12 month period and VAT liabilities over a 3 month period.

Tax & VAT Loans are becoming an increasingly popular way for a business to manage its cash flow and spread larger costs over the period in which they are due.

Proof of the bill is required and the funds are paid straight to the revenue.  If a bill has recently been paid, we are able to reimburse the business.

Overdue or historic balances with HMRC cannot be funded in this way.  For these we would have to consider under a generic Short Term Loan.

As the funding is for a specific purpose and the business does not receive the drawdown, the risk is much lower.  This means the security requirements are usually less and the pricing is usually cheaper (when compared to generic Short Term Loans).  We have access to loans without the requirement of a Personal Guarantee.

Speed – loan approval is usually confirmed within 48 hours and completion can be reached within another 72 hours.

Acceptable customer types include:  Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company (Ltd) or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

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