Multi-Unit Freehold Block Buy To Let

An MUFB is a Multi-Unit Freehold Block.

MUFB Buy To Lets provide for single property investment mortgages where the security of the loan is multiple self-contained properties, owned under 1 legal title and occupied by multiple individuals, each with their own AST or license to occupy.

Examples of an MUFB include a block of flats or a row of terrace housing.  Often, these types of properties have been purpose built and never legally split.

As with HMO Buy To Lets, expect loan to values (LTV’s) to be capped at 75% and also expect interest rates to be a little higher – ranging from approximately 3.25-4.25%.

For larger properties, more bespoke financing is available.

Mortgages are available for refinancing or for purchasing new properties.

The affordability of the loan is based primarily on the rental income the property generates (or will generate if currently empty).

Mortgages are offered subject to valuation and completion of security.  Lenders usually insist on the use of pre-accredited solicitors and a valuer which forms part of their pre-approved panel.

We have access to products for professional landlords and first-time landlords.

Acceptable customer types include:  Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company (Ltd) or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

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