Short Term Loans

Sometimes called Cash Flow Loans or Unsecured Loans, these are business loans to the Company with a repayment term of up to 5 years.

Loans provide an immediate cash sum on completion for the business to utilise as required.  Examples of use can be to consolidate debts, to make an essential purchase, to pay an outstanding/overdue bill or to take advantage of an opportunity.

Repayment terms vary from lender to lender and based on individual circumstance.  Minimum period of 3 months, maximum period would be 5 years.

Repayments can be made daily, weekly, or monthly dependent upon circumstances.

The term ‘Unsecured’ means lenders will not look for a specific charge over a hard asset, such as a property or a vehicle, to make the loan.  They will however require a Personal Guarantee in almost all occasions.  They may also seek to take a Debenture over the Company.

Speed – we have access to lenders who can provide acceptances same day and funds the next working day.  Typical timescales would be a week to reach approval and a further week to complete the drawdown.

Cost – this can vary tremendously.  Arrangement fees start at 0% and can be as much as 5%.  Interest rates start at around 6% per annum and can be as much as 50%.  Following our initial fact find (which is free of charge) we will quickly be able to provide greater clarity on the likely costs of a facility for you and your specific circumstances.

If you or the business has poor credit, in many cases we are still able to source funding.

Acceptable customer types include:  Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company (Ltd) or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

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